3 Healthy Habits to Strengthen Your Immune System

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - During the pandemic, protecting our immune system feels like the most important thing to do. Almost all of the talks with friends, families and colleagues, they always mentioned at least once about immunity and how to maintain it.

    There are many expert-backed tips on boosting the body's innate immune defenses. The following are examples of those tips:

    1. Get Enough Sleep

    "I can't emphasize enough that good-quality sleep is highly important to boost healthy and balanced immune responses," said the integrated immunology expert Heather Monday as quoted from Mind Body Green. Among the main reason is the relationship between circadian rhythm and the body immune system.

    "At night, when the days get darker, there is a decline in our cortisol hormone, together with the hormone from the sympathetic nerve such as epinephrine and norepinephrine. And at the same time, the hormone that is linked with immune, such as melatonin is increased during the sleep," explains him.

    Additionally, integrated family doctor, Bindiya Gandhi said sleep provides immune time to rest, fix and produce the helpful T-Cells.

    2. Consume Supplements

    Certain nutritions, such as Vitamin C, D3 and Zinc can be quite difficult to find in daily diets. This is where the supplement comes in.

    According to Ashley Jordan Ferira, a nutrition expert, the supplements contains quercetin and beta-glucan which can strengthen innate immunities.

    3. Consume More Fiber

    According to Moday, consuming high-fiber foods is essential. 70% of the immunity system lives in the intestines microbiomes, and fiber helps preserve them. "If they (the bacterias) are not fed, they won't be able to grow and do their job to manage the immunities responses."

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