The Benefits of Walking During Pregnancy

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  • Illustration of a pregnant woman. Franco

    Illustration of a pregnant woman. Franco

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - For pregnant women, there are many limitations on what they can and can't do. Whether it's told by doctors or their families, often pregnant women are told to stay still.

    However, staying still can be quite a bore, activities are needed to ease the boredom. Among the activities that are easily done and are proven to be beneficial for their pregnancy and health is walking.

    Walking is a common activity, everyone can have a go, including pregnant women. And among any other activities, by far this one is the safest solution.

    According to a journal titled "Walking for health during pregnancy: A literature review and considerations for future research" (2018) said that walking, especially with quick steps can lower complication risks for pregnant women, such as Gestational Diabetes (GDM), Pre-eclampsia or excessive gestational weight gain.

    In a journal entitled Physical activity and the risk of preeclampsia: a systematic review and meta-analysis, Dagfin Aune explained, walking can lower GDM risks by 20% in the early and midterm of pregnancy.

    Furthermore, after 25 to 40 minutes of walking, it can make the glucose concentration lower compared to before a walk.

    Pregnancy often is linked to weight gain. By doing this exercise, it will help to lower the weight and keep the body healthy. 10,000 steps every day is recommended to prevent weight gain by 0.25 kg each day.

    The mother is not the only one who'll feel the benefit of walking, the fetus or the baby will too. By exercising every day, it can lower the overweight risks when the baby is born.

    Walking during pregnancy can influence postnatal growth. By exercising, it can lower the risks of an infant's birth trauma, such as macrosomia, shoulder dystocia, hypoglycemia and congenital disorder.

    Quoted from, this exercise can ease the labour. Namely, because the pelvic and uterine muscles will be more relaxed after days of walking and therefore making it easier for the baby to come out and the mother's recovery will be faster.

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