6 Proteinaceous Food for COVID-19 Recovery

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  • Illustration of bean sprouts or sprouts (Pixabay.com)

    Illustration of bean sprouts or sprouts (Pixabay.com)

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Covid-19 patient's recovery is not limited to medication, consuming high-protein food can help to revitalise the body itself which is hurt by the virus infection and causing stress which damages the body and disturbs the digestive, immune and reproductive system.

    Furthermore, the steroid level significantly influences the body. Lack of protein is the main cause of the immune deficiency.  To counter that, here are recommendations of high-protein food by Times of India that must be consumed by the patients.

    • Beansprouts
    Beansprouts made from green beans are the source of protein. The sprout contains higher protein, magnesium, phosphor Vit. C and M than the bean itself. Therefore, patients must include green bean sprout, beans and linseed because it contains amino acids in huge amounts and easily digested to fill the protein need.
    • Amino Acid
    Meat from animal feeding off of organic grass and raised without chemicals contains high levels of amino acid and is intestine-friendly, which is all helpful for covid patients. Lamb meat in particular, has lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other health boosting nutrition. Despite that, consuming it must still be alongside vegetables to avoid cholesterol increase.
    • Fish
    In addition to protein, fish is the source of easily digested fat acid, omega-3 and vitamin D, B2, calcium, phosphor, iron, zinc, yodium, magnesium and potassium. A bowl of beans for every meal can help the recovery.
    • Vegetarian protein
    Whole grains are rich in protein, iron, zinc, vitamins, selenium and vital amino acids such as lysine. These amino acids help in calcium absorption, are easy to digest, and are very beneficial in the development of the immune system. Just eat a bowl of lentils, beans or chickpeas with every meal to speed up the healing of Covid-19.
    • Probiotics
    Amino acid L-glutamine is a type of glutamine which can help mucosa healing and glucose control. It helps regenerate the intestine's layer after being exposed to steroids in the body or high dosage vaccine. Probiotics also help for a better protein absorption, don't forget to include vitamins or other fibre such as green vegetables, salmon, and beans in your food.
    • Egg
    Rich in antioxidants, eggs can help covid-19 patients recover from oxidative damage. The high vitamin D is highly important for the immune and can help glucose control.
    Two eggs everyday can significantly help combat the infection and secretly build the immune system.
    These 6 foods are not limited to those who are in recovery, but it can also for maintaining health and immunity to prevent viruses and other dangerous microorganisms.