Benefits of Aqua Jogging


9 January 2022 23:20 WIB

Aqua jogging sport. THEPALMER

TEMPO.CO, JakartaAqua Jogging is a combined activity of running and swimming. As quoted from Verywell Fit, this activity is beneficial for the heart and veins endurance.

Furthermore, this particular exercise is helpful to heal injury, for the leg is not burdened by the weight during the walk. It also reduces the risks of muscle strain, especially on the lower body which is prone to injury, as quoted from Womens Running.

The study report of the Effects of Aqua Jogging in Obese Adults: a Pilot Study explained physical exercise in the water reduces injury risks on an obese person.

During the six weeks of the routine aqua jogging exercise test, an obese person has a decline in the waist and reduced-fat due to aerobic exercise.

Another study titled The Effect of 12 Weeks of Water-Aerobics on Health Status and Physical Fitness: An Ecological Approach explained the 12 weeks water-aerobic program is helpful to strengthen the body power, especially on the upper part and in addition can reduce fat and heart's muscle contraction.

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