How to Know Your WhatsApp Account Has Been Tapped by Someone

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  • WhatsApp illustration.

    WhatsApp illustration.

    TEMPO.CO, JakartaWhatsapp has been the most popular texting media for the last couple of years. Due to this fact, it has been a target of tapping.

    Electronic Transaction Information Law (UU ITE) stated that the act of tapping as a form of interception, an act where someone either listen, record, change, obstruct an electronic transaction transmission, which is not for public, either by wire or wireless communication device such as electromagnetic or radio frequency signal.

    With more than 2 million users, obviously Whatsapp contains many of those users' private information, hence why there are many who tries to hack the app for their own personal gain.

    Despite the irresponsible behaviour act of the hackers, it can be prevented. has written at least three signs that indicated whether Whatsapp has been compromised or not.

    1. Unable to Log In

    Whatsapp can only be used for one device, so a multi device login is practically impossible, unless you use the web version. By using the web version, it's not a log in, but more akin to cloning the account. But nevertheless, the login where you are required to input a unique code is only doable on one device.

    When the application is opened and you are required to input another unique code, it's a sure fact that somebody is surfing through your account seeking private information.

    2. Unknown Device on Whatsapp Web

    When opening the Whatsapp Web lists, there will be a lists of devices where whatsapp account has been or are still connected.

    If an unknown device is listed there, you might want to consider logging out of every devices to ensure your account is not hacked.

    3. Suspicious Activities on Whatsapp

    The last sign whether an account has been compromised or wiretapped is observing suspicious activities, such as messages you haven't read yet, but it is already opened.

    Whatsapp has a unique feature that when you read a text, your own check mark bubble will change from gray to blue.

    So when the app is opened, and there is a message that is already been read but you are sure that you have never or have not read it yet, there is a huge possibility that somebody else has read the message on your behalf.

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