Lapor COVID-19 Receives 71 Reports on Alleged COVID-19 Vaccination Misconduct



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaIndependent data group Lapor COVID-19 received 71 reports on allegations of misconduct and misuse of the COVID-19 vaccination program throughout 2021. The group’s representative Firdaus Ferdiansyah said there were various types of misconduct.

    Among them were illegal levies, rampant distribution of fake or illegal vaccine certificates, and the sale of vaccine boosters in marketplaces. The public reports had been forwarded to the ministry but no response came. 

    “The proliferation of these practices is due to weak supervision, negligence of citizen reports, and the lack of transparency in the vaccine distribution so it (the vaccine) falls to certain groups who use it to earn profits,” said Firdaus in a statement, Tuesday, January 4.

    Moreover, 27 of the total reports were suspected of involving officers, state officials, or regional heads who owned direct access to vaccine distribution.

    Lapor COVID-19 and a number of organizations joined in the civil coalition for equal access to health services encouraged the government to launch an investigation and asked the government to take stern action against officials and other groups proven to have violated and misused the COVID-19 vaccination program.

    “The Health Ministry has an obligation to disclose the audit results of the COVID-19 vaccination that has been carried out with BPKP,” Firdaus concluded.

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