Korpri Speaks About AI Machines Replacing Civil Servants



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Head of the Indonesian National Civil Servants Corps (Korpri) Zudan Arif Fakrullah on Wednesday spoke about the future plan of replacing civil servants (PNS/ ASN) with artificial intelligence (AI) and machines. 

    He said the government plan is actually meant to spur government employees to elevate their capabilities and avoid being replaced by future technology, Antaranews reported.

    “Government employees with good quality will not be replaced by machines but those who lack quality will most likely be replaced. This is to motivate them into becoming their own better version,” Zudan wrote in his statement on December 1. 

    According to Fakrullah, who is also the director general of Population and Civil Registration, made it clear that there are a number of sectors in government instances where the presence of civil servants is still needed. 

    “There are many aspects that machines are unable to replicate from ASN, such as empathy, cooperation, and sense of humanity,” he said.

    Jobs within the government employee ranks that will likely be replaced by machines are technical supervision, operators, and mechanical aspects. He added that the current job that has been replaced by non-human forms is toll road operators. 

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