Govt Mulling Vaccine Boosters over Omicron Concerns: Task Force



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  • Wiku Adisasmito.

    Wiku Adisasmito.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The government is considering rolling out booster vaccinations amid concerns over the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, COVID-19 Task Force spokesperson and expert team chief, Wiku Bakti Bawono Adisasmito, said here on Tuesday evening.

    However, the present focus is on getting people to complete the first and second dose of vaccination, he informed.

    "First and second (vaccination) should be done. Once it is complete, if there are immunity levels remaining, then the third would not be needed," he explained.

    "If the immunity rate is decreasing, then we use the third dose. Make sure that the first and second doses are completed," he stressed.

    Moreover, vaccination is not the only solution to prevent contracting the new variant in Indonesia, Adisasmito emphasized.

    "I would like to remind the people that there are three methods to collectively prevent COVID-19 infection, namely stringent health protocol; 3T which stands for testing, tracing, and treatment; and vaccinations," he said.

    "Vaccination is not the only (effort), and we should ensure that vaccination is done correctly," he highlighted.

    The central government is continuously monitoring vaccination achievement in every region, he said.

    The government wants to ensure that the capability of each region can be bolstered so it can achieve the vaccination target as quickly as possible, he added.

    "We are also collaborating with the military and the police to ensure that the vaccination targets in regions can be achieved," Adisasmito said.

    "Including the ones in remote points because there are several problems, such as the logistics of getting there, the vaccinators, and the people," he added.

    However, with proper management as well as the help of the military, the police, and civilians, this should not be a problem, he affirmed.

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