Indictment Hearing Postponed; Munarman Wants Offline Trial



Ririe Ranggasari

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - An initial hearing for the alleged act of terrorism, with former FPI official Munarman as defendant, was supposed to be held at the East Jakarta District Court today. However, the hearing, which was to be held online, is postponed after the defendant said he refused to be tried remotely.

    Today's hearing was scheduled for the reading of the indictment, with Munarman attending remotely from the Jakarta Metro Police detention center.

    However, Munarman said that he refused an online trial, and requested to the judges that he attends the trials physically.

    Because of the defendant's refusal, the judges decided to postpone the hearing. "The next trial will be on December 8, 2021."

    One of the defendant's lawyers, Sugito Atmo Prawiro, also hopes that his client's trial can be conducted offline. "What we wish for is an offline trial," he told Antara today.

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    HELMILIA PUTRI ADELITA | ANTARA | Graven (Intern translator)