GM to Distribute New Hummer EV on December 2021



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  • Hummer EV Edition 1 debut, 4th of April 2021. (GMC)

    Hummer EV Edition 1 debut, 4th of April 2021. (GMC)

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - General Motors (GM) plans to distribute their newest vehicle on December 2021. According to Duncan Alfred, GM's Chief, the Hummer EV Edition 1 can cover 329 miles or 529 km.

    Currently, Hummer EV1 is priced at US$100,000 or Rp1.4 billion. The next model with higher distance coverage price shall be announced in 2023 by GM.

    Among GM's orders, 80% of those are for EV 1 and almost half of those have paid the booking fee to seize the deal.

    Hummer EV will join Rivian Automotive Inc. Electric Pick-up in the market. Ford will also releases their F150 next year. As for Tesla, they are currently building a factory in Houston to build an electric cybertruck.

    Last week, GM's exhibits their 18 months developed Hummer EV1 when President Joe Biden visits Detroit-Hammtrck Factory or better known as Zero Factory.

    "SUV Hummer EV will be released in 2023 and shall be the main sales among the Hummer types, making up 60% of it," said Alfred.

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