ITDC Responds to Reports on Mass Dog Deaths Nearby Mandalika Circuit



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • Mandalika Circuit in Indonesia. ANTARA/Ahmad Subaidi

    Mandalika Circuit in Indonesia. ANTARA/Ahmad Subaidi

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) that manages the Mandalika tourism special economic zones (KEK) responded to recent reports on the sudden deaths of local dogs in the vicinity of the Mandalika Circuit leading to the World Superbike (WSBK) race last weekend. 

    The Mandalika managing director Bram Subiandono on Tuesday said that the handling of stray dogs within the area he manages adheres to animal welfare principles.

    Previously reported, residents of Ebunut Village - the only village within the Mandalika Circuit complex - discovered neighborhood dogs had suddenly died, and alleged that the dogs were intentionally poisoned as they found the bodies to have bloated. 

    “We can assure you that [management] never issued any policies that don’t go with the rules,” said Subiandono on Tuesday, November 23. 

    He said track operators only installed barriers that are meant to prevent nearby dogs from entering the facility and the racing track itself. He claims Mandalika KEK operators always implement a sustainable tourism development by respecting local residents and the environment. 

    Bram Subiandono said ITDC respects animal welfare by building the Mandalika Dog Shelter, which was built three years prior over a 4,000 square meter land. This facility is able to accommodate stray dogs which can then be adopted by members of the public. This shelter operates in partnership with a community of dog lovers and is under the supervision of a veterinarian contracted by ITDC.

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