Avoid These 5 Bad Habits That Waste Your Time Away



17 November 2021 09:35 WIB

Illustration of a woman stalking others on social media. Freepik.com/Kamran Aydinov

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -  In today's age, people often waste their time unconsciously, and they don't feel like they did. Some habits may drain their time and energy which also take away their free time.

Quoted from Times of India, here are the bad habits that are considered to be a waste time and can be avoided to obtain more free time.

1. Procrastinating

This action might be seen as a small inconvenience, but in actuality this is among the main problems why people can't get free time. Just because you don't want to start or finish something, you end up just waiting until it's close to the deadline and rushing things up. The best thing to avoid this is just try to finish your work as quickly as possible when you still have the energy to do it.

2. Social Media

Watching a few random videos might be good to distract your mind, but have you realized how much time is spent watching kitten videos? Or scroll through the feeds? Start timing your time using social media to improve your time management.

3. Doing Others Work

Helping others is nice, but will take your time away if you still have tons to do. Feel free to reject or postpone helping others to finish your own works first.

4. Being Disorganized

After using an item, put it back where you find it. Scattered items tend to create a mess, and when you're looking for something in a mess, it's going to take away your time from completing your work to look for an item that should have been easy to find.

5. Humouring Toxic People

If you've found out the person you're talking to is toxic, don't waste your time. Stop doing it because it's only increasing your negativity and drains your energy.

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