Here are Three Facts and Myths of Kegel Exercises



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  • Kegel exercise.

    Kegel exercise.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Kegel exercise has been the latest trend for people of all ages. It is known to have many benefits such as easing pelvic organs prolapse, maintain pelvic floor muscle.

    In 1948, Arnold Kegel invented this exercise, along with the growing myths that many believed since then. Following are some facts and myths concerning Kegel exercise.

    1. Kegel exercise disturbs excretion system

    Pelvic exercise is often connected to excretion system, and was assumed that trained pelvic muscle increases pressure to urethra and stopped urine flows.

    While in reality, trained pelvic muscle can help the bladder relax and make the flow better.

    2. Only Women are allowed

    Many believed that Kegel is only for Women, but quoted from, it stated that Kegel exercise can help men from sloppy-seconds or premature ejaculation.

    3. Harder push, Better result

    Kegel uses a pushing motion from outside to inside, but continuous hard push may cause your muscle to ache. Instead, uses a full motion and relax when pushing to attain maximum contraction, this is done to create a strong, tight and flexible muscle.

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