Govt to Design Papua's Lake Sentani as Conservation, Ecotourism Area



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Agrarian and Spatial Planning Ministry or the National Land Agency in collaboration with the Jayapura government planned to design Lake Sentani and its surroundings to be a conservation and ecotourism area in order to preserve the lake.

    The plan was driven by several strategic issues, including degradation due to pollution in lake waters, threats of land conversion, the land expansion for residential and business areas around the river and lake borders, an increase in built-up land that triggers sedimentation, and an increase in flood-prone areas.

    Additionally, the ministry observed that the lake has economic and socio-cultural values, such as the existence of sago forest that should be protected and potential local wisdom preserved by Sentani local residents to date.

    The ministry’s spatial control and use directorate official, Harris Simanjuntak, through a press release on Thursday thus proposed six actions to overcome those strategic issues. One of which is making Lake Sentani in Jayapura of Papua a national priority lake.

    “This aims at realizing Sentani watershed area and its surroundings as a lake conservation and an ecotourism area by considering its local wisdom in a sustainable fashion,” said Harris.

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