Former State Secretariat Minister Sudi Silalahi Passes Away at 72



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  • TEMPO.COJakarta - Former State Secretariat Minister in former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) era, Sudi Silalahi has passed away at 72 years old. He passed around 23:50 Western Indonesia Time at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital, Jakarta.

    "Prayers are with him and may Allah SWT forgive his mistakes of the deceased and accept his deeds of worship and the families left behind are given patiences," claims Democrat politician Andi Arief on Tuesday, October 26.

    Sudi was known as one of SBY's most trusted. Sudi graduated from Military Academy in 1972 and ended his career as Lt. Gen.; and during his military career he served as Deputy of Assospol Kasospol ABRI in 1996 to 1997, Chief of Staff of Kodam Jaya in 1998 and Pangdam V Brawijaya in 1999.

    He began his career as politician when he became SBY's secretary while serving as Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) under the government of Megawati Soekarno Putri.

    After SBY became president, Sudi was appointed as Cabinet Secretary in Indonesia Bersatu (United Indonesia) Cabinet in 2004 to 2009. In SBY's second regime, SBY appointed Sudi as State Secretary. Sudi was close with SBY even when the former Democrat party was not in charge anymore.

    For example, in 2014 SBY brough Sudi in his meeting with President Jokowi at Merdeka Palace, Jakarta on December 8 2014. At that time, SBY gives requested Sudi to spoke a few Javanese words to President Jokowi even though he was not a Javanese.

    Sudi Silalahi was born in Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra on July 13 1949. He then proceeded to comply with SBY's request and spoke a few words. The words of kromo inggil came out and was greeted with laughter from SBY and Jokowi. "His kromo is kromo Keraton," says Cabinet Secretary Andi Widjajanto who is present at the meeting on Monday, December 8 2014.

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