Indonesia's 6 Strategies in Anticipating Covid-19 Third Wave



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian minister of communication and informatics, Johnny G Plate, said there are six strategies to anticipate Covid-19 third wave by the end of the year. The strategies have been running in order to maintain the currently dropping case.

    "Our success in decreasing the Covid-19 cases can't stop," the minister said in a statement on Saturday, October 16.

    Based on last year's experience, Jhonny Plate stated that public mobility tended to increase during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Resulting at the high number of Covid-19 infections and mortality rate. This time, he claimed, the government will be more ready with its anticipation by the sinergy of a number of steps.

    Firstly, the government ensures that the relaxed restrictions follow strict controls in the field. "Let us remind you once again that the lower level of PPKM doesn't mean that the public could be euphoric. We have to remain alert and implement health measures and limit the mobility,” the minister said.

    Next, the government attempts to intensify the vaccination for senior citizens, especially in the agglomeration area and centers of economy development. This is aimed at supressing the number of death caused by Covid and hospital treatment if the third wave occurs, Johnny said. Immunization is deemed effective in lowering the health risks when someone is infected with the Coronavirus.