Yogyakarta to Build Jogja Planning Gallery in Malioboro



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, YogyakartaThe Yogyakarta government planned to build the Jogja Planning Gallery in Malioboro, or precisely at the former city’s Tourism Agency office and the Regional Legislative Council or DPRD Building.

    Anna Rina Herbranti as the city's Head of Public Works, Housing, and Energy and Mineral Resources said the public, including tourists, could explore the history of Yogyakarta at the gallery.

    "About Yogyakarta in the past, such as in the ancient Mataram era, its current, and its future," said Anna on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

    The new building was planned to contain the whole story of Yogyakarta, starting from its philosophy, its history, up to its potential. "[It will showcase] a mock-up of future Yogyakarta," she explained.

    Various contents that fill the gallery will include the agenda and potential for tourism, culture, and spatial planning to districts/cities in the special region. From this, the public will understand the development concept in each regency/city of Yogyakarta in the future. 

    Anna said the design competition of the Jogja Planning Gallery will commence from May to August 2022. After announcing a winner, the Yogyakarta administration will conduct further study on the design in 2023 while determining the schedule for the construction of the building in Malioboro.