5 Leading Tobacco-Producing Regions in Indonesia



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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaIndonesia is one of the largest tobacco producers in the world. To tobacco farmers, the plant is even deemed as green gold.

    Indonesian local tobacco is renowned for its high quality. In fact, it is the most sought-after commodity in the international tobacco market. Referring to the Agriculture Ministry’s page pertanian.go.id, here are five best tobacco-producing regions in the archipelago:

    1. Temanggung, Central Java

    Temanggung is one of the biggest tobacco producers in the country. Located in a highland that stretches from the slopes of Mount Sumbing to Mount Sindoro, the small town is known as a tobacco 'paradise' with its famous Srintil tobacco.

    1. Deli, North Sumatra

    Since the colonial era, Deli has been known as one of the world's best tobacco producers. Karl J. Pelzer, author of Toean Keboen and Peasants: Colonial Politics and Agrarian Struggles (1976), names Deli as 'Dollar Land'.

    The combination of seeds, climate, and soil types in the area produces tobacco with savory aromas and tastes. Its tobacco is also used as a cigar wrapper.

    1. Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

    Lombok is a very fertile area for tobacco farming. In certain seasons, the fields are full of green tobacco leaves.

    Senang tobacco is one of the most popular and sought-after by kretek or clove cigarette smokers. The tobacco that has a fragrant aroma in an ivory color thrives in Senang Hamlet, Suntalangu, East Lombok.

    1. Madura, East Java

    Pamekasan Regency is one of the largest tobacco-producing areas in Madura with a land area of 31,251 hectares spreading over 13 districts. Most Madurese tobacco is absorbed by cigarette manufacturers as the main raw material for cigarettes and as a mixture of kretek cigarettes.

    Madura is famous for its Campalok tobacco, which is quite rare because of the limited farming land in Jembengan hamlet, Bakeong Village, Guluk-guluk District, Sumenep.

    1. Jember, East Java

    Jember is quite well known as one of the main tobacco-producing areas in Indonesia. The type of tobacco that is widely grown in this area is Besuki na-oogst tobacco. In addition to its distinctive aroma, this tobacco is famous for its elasticity to become a cigar wrapper, and that's why it is famous in the international market.

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