Govt Plans to Establish Seaweed Farming Villages in Eastern Indonesia



3 October 2021 21:27 WIB

Gede Hendra, carrying seaweed harvested during the Covid-19 pandemic in Nusa Lembongan, Bali, September 25, 2020. Gede Hendra has lost his job since last April due to the pandemic. REUTERS/Nyimas Laula

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Marine and Fisheries Affairs Ministry has planned to establish seaweed farming villages in the eastern regions of Indonesia, as part of efforts to develop the top commodity in the fisheries sub-sector.

"The government will develop seaweed villages starting next year in Southeast Maluku and East Sumba," the ministry's Director General of Fish Farming Tb Haeru Rahayu said in a statement here on Sunday.

The development of the new seaweed farming will not set aside the existing farms. In fact, the government will connect them with private companies and funding institutions for further development, Rahayu said.

According to Rahayu, two out of three breakthrough program of the ministry to boost development in marine and fisheries industry in Indonesia are centered in fish farming sub-sector.

The program are development of fish farming for export supported by marine and fisheries research as well as the development of local wisdom-based fish farming villages.

"Seaweed has a bright prospect, but it needs a holistic approach to all stakeholders including the government, academicians, business operators, media and the public," he said.

The ministry has targeted to increase seaweed production from 9.78 million tons in 2019 to 12.3 million tons in 2024.

To reach the target, the ministry has designed a working plan to increase productivity and open new seaweed farming.

The ministry has worked closely with the Kalimajari Foundation, a Bali-based NGO working on sustainable cacao and seaweed development, to help farmers in the provinces of East Nusa Tenggara, Papua, and West Papua with technology to increase production.

"In addition, strategy, supply and distribution system of seaweed will also be improved and at the same time involving private seaweed seeds intermediary for sustainable seed sources," Rahayu said.

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