OJK Preps New Policy on Customer Data Protection Monitoring



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Financial Services Authority (OJK) is preparing a new more stringent regulation on the supervision of customer data protection which is expected to limit the space for cybercriminals.

    “We don't have a legal basis to protect customer data. But we have established pillars for that because consumer protection is OJK’s concern,” said OJK's Executive Director of Banking Research and Regulation, Anung Herlianto, in a discussion in Jakarta, Thursday, September 23.

    OJK has thus far issued two regulations in the banking sector, namely POJK No. 12 of 2021 concerning new commercial banks and POJK No. 13 of 2021 on the implementation of commercial bank products.

    “The two regulations do not stipulate the security of a digital bank service in detail,” he added.

    Anung also appealed to the people using bank services to be more careful in assessing everything in cyberspace and not easily be influenced when someone sent a certain link without checking its validity first.

    Customers must not also carelessly provide confidential access in the form of pins, passwords, and others, Anung asserted. Additionally, he argued that banks should be more active in educating their customers regarding digital literacy.

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