Ganjar Pranowo Allows University to Hold Offline Classes on Trial Basis



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Semarang Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo has allowed universities to hold face-to-face classes on a trial basis. Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out last year, classes had been closed and moved online.

    Ganjar reminded universities willing to conduct face-to-face learning to cooperate with the government. “I allow it. Please conduct the trial,” said the Governor on Tuesday, September 14.

    According to Ganjar, a number of universities in the region have applied hybrid learning. In this method, the lessons are taught simultaneously in-person and online.

    As for direct learning at schools, he asked the school management to submit daily reports. “The accumulation of daily reports will be used for weekly evaluation,” he added.

    Ganjar Pranowo argued that the daily report was necessary because the discipline in implementing the predetermined health protocols in schools was getting poor. Many students and teachers, he said, did not comply with the health measures.

    Since August 30, 2021, thousands of schools at various levels in Central Java have started to hold on-site studies. The government allowed face-to-face learning at schools located in regions under level 1-3 public mobility restrictions or PPKM.

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