Surabaya to Hold Mass COVID-19 Vaccination in Tourist Sites



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Surabaya City Government planned to conduct mass COVID-19 vaccinations in a number of tourist destinations to reach the target of herd immunity following the enthusiastic welcome of people in the vaccination program in Surabaya Zoo (KBS) on Monday, September 14.

    “We want to do it in other places too, but if we open it in Suroboyo Bridge, people will get hot because the area is different from KBS,” said Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi on Tuesday, September 14.

    According to Eri, his side would choose an open, wide area to hold the vaccination in order to maintain air circulation and prevent crowds. “We may hold it in other tourist attractions such as Kenjeren. And we may install tents to provide comfort,” he said.

    Eri also planned to set up vaccination centers in 130 subdistricts. “And deploy 22 mobile vaccination units from Resort Police. We will also visit residents door-to-door.”

    With many available vaccination centers, Eri hoped herd immunity in the agglomeration areas of Surabaya, Gresik, and Sidoarjo could be achieved soon. “So that Surabaya can enter level 1 [public mobility restrictions or PPKM] or be categorized as a green zone,” Eri said.

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