EHang 216 Flying Taxi Arrives in Indonesia



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Prestige Image Motorcars has brought the EHang 216's flying taxi drone to Indonesia. The China-made autonomous aerial vehicle is scheduled to undergo trials in Bali in October 2021.

    Citing its official website today, Thursday, September 2, the EHang 216 flying car is an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) with autonomous flight technology that can accommodate 2 passengers.

    The flying car is capable of lifting up to 220 kilograms and can go up to a maximum speed of 130 km/hour. It is equipped with 16 propellers located on 8 foldable arms. The EHang 216 is operated remotely by a professional pilot using a remote connected to a 4G or 5G internet network.

    EHang 216 is an environmentally friendly vehicle powered by battery. It only takes 1 hour to charge using a 220V or 380V power supply charger. The battery charging can also be monitored in real time through the Battery Management System (BMS).

    The EHang 216 flying taxi is claimed to be able to fly 21 minutes with a distance of 35 kilometers. The taxi drone charges Rp850,000 per passenger.

    Dicky Kurniawan | Maudey K. Setyakusuma