Health Ministry Urges Public to Uninstall eHAC App, Use PeduliLindungi



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Health Ministry’s Head of Data and Information Center, Anas Ma'ruf, urged the public to uninstall the old Indonesia Health Alert Card (eHAC) application and instead use PeduliLindungi Covid-19 surveillance app.  

    “The government asks the public to delete, remove, or uninstall the old eHAC,” said Anas in a press conference on Tuesday, August 31.

    Anas said eHAC has been integrated with PeduliLindungi and remains mandatory as travel air requirements. “There is data related to vaccination status and travel history,” he added.

    The old eHAC app has now been deactivated due to a suspected data breach, he informed. The government is conducting a forensic audit to determine whether or not the data has been leaked.

    According to Anas, the alleged data leak in the old app might be from third parties. The app has also not been used since July 2, 2021, in accordance with the Health Minister’s Circular No. HK.02.01.Menkes/847/2021 regarding the digitization of health documents for air transportation users which are integrated with PeduliLindungi.

    The cybersecurity research company vpnMentor previously discovered an alleged data leak from the eHAC app developed by the Health Ministry. The app was said to have no significant privacy and security protocols, leading to more than 1 million users' personal data being exposed through servers.

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