Covid-19 Vaccination; 21 Million People Receive Complete Doses



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Head of the Covid-19 task force expert team Wiku Adisasmito on Thursday announced that the national mass vaccinations had covered 10 percent of the government’s initial goal to inoculate 208 million people since its introduction earlier this year.

    “As of August 3 there are nearly 21 million people that have received complete vaccine doses. This number is only 10 percent of the total target,” said Adisasmito on August 5, Antaranews reported. 

    To further increasep the number of vaccinated people, he said that the Health Ministry has issued a circular instructing vaccinations be immediately given to groups susceptible to the coronavirus and people who do not have a social security identity number (NIK).

    Members of the population the government considers are at risk of being infected by the disease are people with disabilities, prison inmates, people suffering from issues related to social welfare, Indonesian migrant workers and general public who do not have a NIK.

    For the latter group, Adisasmito said they will be facilitated by state agencies that will provide a centralized vaccination center agreed by both parties. 

    Meanwhile, the government is set to complete the third dose or booster vaccination for health workers and people working to support the operations of healthcare facilities by the second week of August.

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