Indonesian University Students Develop System to Detect Crowds



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Five Gadjah Mada University (UGM) students developed a system based on Deep Learning and WebGIS to detect crowds, for the purpose of preventing Covid-19 transmission. They named it 'Syncrom', which is short for 'System of Detection and Crowd Mapping',

    "The system we developed can detect crowds and display information about when and where it occurs," the research team chief Zulfa Andriansyah said in a written statement in Yogyakarta, Thursday, August 5.

    In addition to detecting crowds, the system also provides information about the size of the crowd by giving a visual about what is happening on the location—obtained via CCTV, as well as the time and location, in near real time.

    "With this platform, a 24-hour monitoring is possible. The data continues to be updated every 30 seconds," said the Faculty of Geography student.

    The crowd detection prototype was created during the Student Creativity Program for Copyright (PKM-KC) in 2021, which received a development grant of Rp9 million from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

    The system, developed since June 2021, had gone through field testing. The result showed that it has an accuracy of more than 75 percent in detecting crowds in a room.

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