DJ Dinar Candy Faces Possible Pornography Charges After Bikini Stunt



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • DJ Dinar Candy. / Instagram/@dinar_candy

    DJ Dinar Candy. / Instagram/@dinar_candy

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Metro Jaya Police spokesperson, Commissioner Yusri Yunus said that Dinar Candy can be charged for violations against ITE and pornography laws after the female disc jockey staged a public protest against the extended public activity restriction (PPKM) by wearing a red bikini at a sidewalk in Cilandak, South Jakarta. 

    Dinar Candy’s lone demonstration spread widely in social media and eventually many responses from the public. “I am stressed after the PPKM was extended” was the message on the board she brought to cover her body. 

    “[She could be charged] for violating the pornography law and ITE law (electronic information and transaction law),” said Yusri at the Metro Jaya Police headquarters on August 5. 

    He said that the police will hold an initial investigation and may likely see it advanced to a possible case with the disc jockey named as suspect. 

    In an arrest made last night, police confiscated Dinar Candy’s mobile phone that was used to record and spread her public protest. Police also questioned Candy’s younger sibling, who acts as her manager, as a witness.