Rumah Oksigen Gotong Royong Accommodates Patients in Need of Oxygen


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  • Rumah Oksigen Gotong Royong (ROGR) located in Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta, is officially operational and ready to accommodate COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms starting Monday, (2/8). This semi-permanent health facility was initiated by the GoTo Group,  the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk (Samator Group), Master Steel, Tripatra, Halodoc and Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation (YABB) as a form of mutual cooperation between the private sector, government and strategic partners to face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    ROGR operations will be managed by experienced health workers from RSDC Wisma Atlet, which is a collaboration between the TNI, POLRI, IDI as well as Ministry of Health of Republic of Indonesia’s volunteers. ROGR will have a capacity of around 500 beds spread over four treatment units with oxygen flowing directly from the PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk plant through 350-400 liters/hours pipeline. In this initial stage, two maintenance units will be operated first. 

    ROGR can be used by Indonesian citizens who are COVID-19 positive and have mild symptoms, with saturation level above or equal to 90% and have no comorbidities or have controlled comorbidities. 

    To access ROGR, there are two ways that can be used by patients:

    • First, referrals from health facilities such as health centers, hospitals or Wisma Atlet.
    • Second, registration through the HaloDoc application - where the public can find out the availability of beds and choose the time of arrival.

    Arsjad Rasjid as Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) said, “We are grateful that the first Rumah Oksigen Gotong Royong is finally operating. The construction of the facility for the past three weeks is the hard work of various parties. We hope that this facility can help many patients with mild symptoms of COVID-19 to get oxygen. We would also like to thank the parties who supported the construction and operation of the first Rumah Oksigen Gotong Royong.”

    Andre Soelistyo, CEO of GoTo, hopes that ROGR can help overcome the obstacles of the medical oxygen crisis. “Patients with mild symptoms and no comorbidities can easily get treatment and access to medical oxygen that will flow directly from the Samator Plant for 24 hours. We would like to thank the TNI Health Center, POLRI, IDI as well as the Ministry of Health of Republic of Indonesia’s volunteers who will help to manage ROGR - they have long experience operating field hospitals. We are also grateful for the support of various parties in the private sector for Rumah Oksigen, so that with mutual cooperation we can all bring the facility to life in a short time.”

    On the same occasion, Rachmat Harsono - President Director of PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk (Samator Group) said, “The oxygen we distribute to ROGR is an allocation of oxygen gas industrial purposes which we divert for medical purposes so that it can help more people. Not only in Jakarta, we are also ready to expand the initiative to various locations where our factories are located which allows direct pipelines to health facilities.”

    Paban V/Kes Slog Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) Colonel Ckm dr. Stefanus Dony, expresses his appreciation towards ROGR’s launch. Dr. Dony believes ROGR can help break the chain of transmission of COVID-19 because patients with mild symptoms who need oxygen can be treated and undergo self-isolation in the ROGR facility. 

    “Treatment for Rumah Oksigen Gotong Royong patients will be adjusted according to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines regarding isolation with mild symptoms. If a case escalation occurs, ROGR is also ready with a special care unit equipped with a ventilator and high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) so that necessary assistance can be given while waiting for a referral to the hospital,” said dr. Dony.

    Jonathan Sudharta, CEO & Co-Founder Halodoc, added, “With the convenience offered in making appointments at ROGR through the Halodoc application, we hope people can easily have access to medical oxygen needed in more conducive conditions since there will be no need for on-site queue. Through the Halodoc application, Indonesians can also check the availability of beds easily, because the data will be updated eight times a day.”

    ROGR, which is located in the Pulogadung area, was built on land provided by PT The Master Steel and is supported by PT Tripatra Engineers and Constructors as the strategic partners that handle the construction of Rumah Oksigen. (*)