Double Social Security Number Denies Man from Covid-19 Vaccination



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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A latest case of double identity has gone viral in social platforms after a Bekasi resident, Wasit Ridwan, was unable to register for a Covid-19 vaccination after he was told that his social identity number (NIK) had been used by another person named Lee In Wong.

    According to the Tanjung Priok Class I Port Health Office, where Ridwan registered, Wong had used his NIK to be vaccinated a month earlier on June 25.

    “We are currently investigating this finding,” said port health office chief, Adj. Commissioner Putu Kholis on August 4.

    Kholis said cases of double NIK identifications were also found in this location after a previous case saw a Banten resident unable to register for a vaccination at Tanjung Priok because his NIK was already registered as a vaccine recipient.

    Police had already summoned the port health office and demanded them to conduct an internal investigation following the first case. “Instances like these happened numerous times caused by vaccination officials who input the wrong numbers [into the system],” he added.

    As a solution, the man who had his NIK used can still register for Covid-19 vaccination and report the incident to the Healthcare and Social Security Agency (BPJS).