One-Month PPKM; Police Say People's Mobility in Jakarta Drop by 50%



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaJakarta Traffic Police Director Sr. Comr. Sambodo Purnomo Yogo said that people’s mobility in Jakarta decreased by 50 percent during the one-month enforcement of the Covid-19 restrictions dubbed PPKM. The drop could be seen from Google Mobility.

    “There is a decline [in people’s mobility] up to minus 53 percent at public parks, minus 43 percent at offices, and 37 percent at retail places,” said Sambodo in the Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Tuesday, August 3.

    The decrease in people’s traffic also occurred at public places such as transportation facilities and sports venues because the access was limited or even off-limits during the Covid-19 restriction.

    According to Google Mobility, the increase in the traffic of Jakarta residents was only detected in residential areas.

    The police also used data from Facebook Mobility to measure citizens’ traffic. “Referring to Facebook Mobility as of July 30, the drop in mobility in Jakarta exceeds the national figure. At offices, the gap hits almost 7 percent,” Sambodo added.

    Sambodo argued the reduced mobility indicated that people had been able to refrain from doing outdoor activities. He hoped that with PPKM Level 4 being extended again, the Covid-19 transmission rate could be suppressed.

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