Vaccine Booster for Health Workers, Not for Influencers



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta city administration has just started the inoculation of the third Covid-19 vaccine dose or vaccine booster for health workers; not for general public or even influencers. Jakarta official Suharti explained that the third dose vaccination has been given to 3,333 medical workers.

    "I got the data from KPCPEN website (committee of Covid-19 mitigation and national economic recovery)," she said in a webinar of LRT Jakarta, Friday, July 29.

    The third vaccine doses are 46 vials of Sinovac and 3,287 Moderna. The recipients are health workers who work at Jakarta healthcare facilities.

    Previously, a viral post on Twitter suggested that an influencer got the vaccine booster. The post showed a photo of a vaccination room. There was written the acronym 'DPRD' (regional legislative) and logo of Jakarta City at the place on the image.

    Jakarta DPRD acting secretary Augustinus ensured that there was no third dose vaccination of Moderna shots at the DPRD building. He said it was a hoax.

    Jakarta data as per July 29, at 11:30, showed that the total of people who got the first dose of the vaccine is 7.59 million. Meanwhile, the total of people who received the second dose is 2.68 million, and the third dose is 3,333 health workers.

    In addition, for the Gotong Royong vaccine, the total of people who got the first dose is 160,270,000, and 96,930 people have received the complete dose. The Covid-19 vaccination program is still ongoing and until today, there is no vaccine booster injection for general public.

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    Lani Diana Wijaya