Man Dies After Allegedly Getting Two COVID-19 Vaccine Shots in One Day



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • Illustration of COVID-19 vaccine. TEMPO/M Taufan Rengganis

    Illustration of COVID-19 vaccine. TEMPO/M Taufan Rengganis

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Harjito (49), a man from Batam, Riau Islands, died at a local hospital on Wednesday, July 28 after reportedly contracting the coronavirus. However, the most troubling news is that prior to his hospitalization, the man allegedly unintentionally received two COVID-19 vaccine shots in one day. 

    According to Antaranews, Harjito died after being treated for six days in the hospital. He was admitted by his relatives on July 22 after suffering from coughs, regurgitating, headaches, and gastric acid. These illnesses intensified on July 15, just four days after receiving the two vaccine shots. 

    On the day of the vaccination, Harjito claimed to have not felt the first injection. “He only felt [his arm being rubbed],” said Ery Syahrial, a neighborhood head who also represented the Harjito family on Thursday.

    Harjito eventually felt the side effects of the vaccine that same day but was surprised by the doctor’s note that he had received two doses of vaccine by two different vaccinators. The medical certificate stated that Harjito indeed received two shots, which under the standard operating procedures should not be received until two weeks. 

    “He told neighbors about his condition that night,” said Ery. However, Harjito did not immediately contact the doctor or mentioned in his vaccine certificate.

    When his condition worsened on July 15, he tried to contact the doctor, but to no avail. His family then took Harjito to hospital on July 22, but he passed away on July 28 after his condition deteriorated. 

    “Up until this day the Health Agency and the COVID-19 task force has yet to pay the family a visit. His family only wanted an expert to explain the situation,” said Ery.

    The Riau Islands Chapter of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) has yet to provide an account on this case, saying that they are still seeking clarifications from the doctor that was mentioned in Harjito’s vaccine certificate. 

    Antaranews asked a clinical pathologist from Sebelas Maret University, Tonang Dwi Ardyanto, who asserted that he would need more clarifications on what happened to Harjito. Ardyanto maintained that it was difficult to get two COVID-19 vaccine shots in two separate locations due to a system that prevents it from happening, let alone two simultaneous shots in one location. 

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