Muhammadiyah: Covid-19 Not Made by China but 'Sunnatullah'



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe general secretary of one of Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization Muhammadiyah, Abdul Mu’ti, in a discussion forum on Friday last week said that it would not make sense to condemn the Covid-19 virus as a manmade product from China and said that the virus is a sunatullah (laws of nature) instead.

    His statement was a response to the rumors alleging that China had intentionally created the coronavirus in a lab. 

    Abdul defended his argument by stating that China itself has been greatly affected by the pandemic and sustained many losses, both economically and the lives of its people until this day. He believes no country would create a virus that would impose harm on itself. 

    The Muhammadiyah website cited his statement from the Convey Indonesia Youtube channel; “It is something that happens because humans are indeed part of the sunnatullah. Illnesses can arise when humans do not live a hygienic life, do not look for their own health, and that is sunnatullah.”

    He then encouraged people to maintain a healthy way of living, as always washing hands and maintaining physical distances are endeavors backed by science. 

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