Angkie Yudistia: Officers Must Be Wise in Responding to People with Disability



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  • Angkie Yudistia. Instagram

    Angkie Yudistia. Instagram

    TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Presidential Expert Staffer, Angkie Yudistia, lamented the action of two members of the Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) who assaulted a Papuan man in Merauke, Monday, July 26. Moreover, the victim was a person with a disability.

    “There are wiser ways to respond to people with disabilities. We regret such excessive force carried out by the TNI members while trying to resolve disputes between residents,” said Angkie in her statement on Wednesday, July 28.

    Angkie hoped that authorities would take a persuasive, humane approach in dealing with people with disabilities, especially the deaf. “I am deaf, I understand very well how difficult it is to communicate. I understand the feelings of others with disabilities throughout Indonesia,” she said.

    Angkie supported stern steps taken by the TNI AU in enforcing the law against its two soldiers. Both reportedly have been named suspects.

    TNI soldiers should be able to carry out their functions professionally by complying with the eight-point personnel duties. They should set a good example to the people, she remarked.

    “As part of the government and also a fellow of people with disabilities, I apologize for this incident and hope that similar incidents will not recur in the future,” said Angkie Yudistia.

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