Police Nab 37 Suspects in Covid-19 Therapeutic Drugs, Oxygen Tank Cases



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian Police of Crime Unit have named 37 suspects in 33 cases of Covid-19 theraputic drugs stockpiling and selling above retail prices. The cases are spread across the country, according to the police chief of economy and special crimes Brig. Gen. Helmi Santika.

    "The case is related to selling drugs above the maximum retail price, hoarding for certain purposes, and distributing [drugs] without distribution permit, as well as turning hydrant tank into medical oxygen tank," said the police in an online press conference Wednesday, July 28.

    The authorities confiscated 62 vials and 365,876 tablets of various Covid-19 theraputic drugs, as well as 48 oxygen tanks. 

    Helmy said that the findings would be given to the public amid the scarcity of Covid-19 theraputic drugs

    The suspects are facing 10 years and 5 years imprisonment charges.

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