PPKM 20-minute Time Limit Dining Rule; Expert Advises Takeaways



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - An epidemiologist from Griffith University, Dicky Budiman, on Tuesday argues that the government must specify the regulations in enforcing the level four public activity restriction (PPKM Level 4). One of the requirements, that has grabbed public attention, is the 20-minute dining time limit in a restaurant. 

    “It must be seen from the context of the place. This cannot be generalized. Local authorities at the community level must assist. These officials must be educated regarding which is permitted and which is not,” said the epidemiologist to Tempo on July 27.

    Budiman believes that the 20-minute dining time limit still presents risks of spreading the coronavirus, especially considering the latest Delta strain that is more contagious.

    “Let alone 20 minutes. Spending just 5 minutes without a mask is now very risky,” he said. 

    However, he understands that the government’s decision in introducing this restriction can be considered a win-win solution to keep the economy running while also making sure health protocols are applied. But he believes that this will not strongly help overcome the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects in Indonesia. 

    “The reality in the field shows it is still risky. But I need to suggest that you order takeaway. Queue outside not inside [the restaurants],” the epidemiologist said. 

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