Police to Hunt Down Hoaxer of 'Jokowi End Game' Rally



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Metro Police reported that they did not find any mass to stage the 'Jokowi End Game' rally around the State Palace area in Central Jakarta, saying that the call for the demonstration was a hoax.

    "We'll look for the [hoax] spreader," said the police chief of public relations, Sr. Comsr. Yusri Yunus, on Saturday, July 24.

    The rally was banned as the Covid curb dubbed the PPKM Level 4 is being enforced in Jakarta. During the policy enforcement, all of activities that may attract crowds are banned.

    The authorities found no one was coming to the site at Arjuna Wijaya statue area this afternoon. Earlier, the police secured six people accused as rally participants. They are being questioned at the Central Jakarta Police.

    A poster calling for online ojek drivers and the general public to take to the street in a demonstration against the PPKM enforcement was circulated. The mass was reportedly to do a long march from Glodok to State Palace.

    "Inviting all the people! to take to the streets against the PPKM and destroy state palace oligarchy and its members," as written on the poster of the call for the demonstration dubbed the 'Jokowi End Game'.

    The poster displayed logos of several online ojek applicators, students’ alliances, and trade unions as participants. 

    Delpedro Marhaen from Student Political Block, who was accused of the provocator of the event, denied the accusation. "But if asked if there would be an action on on July 24 or not? [the answer is] yes, there will be [an event]. It's unavoidable as the people are getting mad at the recent situation," he said.

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