Indonesia Sets Plan to Face 100,000 Covid-19 Daily Cases



Laila Afifa

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  • 4. Medicinal needs will be fulfilled 

    The government has pushed for international and domestic industries to commit to supply Covid-19 therapeutic medicines such as Tocilizumab, Remdesivir, Favipiravir, and IVIg. Luhut also said global producers are encouraged to prioritize their supply for Indonesia either through special access schemes or donations. 

    5. Distributing free medicine packages for the public 

    The government is set to distribute 300,000 Covid-19 medicines for asymptomatic and patients with mild symptoms.

    6. Boosting oxygen capacity 

    According to Minister  Luhut, the government will relocate 90-100 percent of the industrial-use oxygen production for medical purposes. They will also divert industrial liquid oxygen iso tanks for hospital use. The government is also currently in talks with Singapore, China, and the United Arab Emirates for assistance apart from accepting global help in the form of vaccines and medical equipment. 

    7. The use of oxygen concentrators 

    The government will substitute the use of liquid oxygen tanks with oxygen concentrators to treat Covid-19 patients undergoing self-isolation and public isolation facilities as liquid oxygen will be diverted for hospitalized patients with severe symptoms. 

    8. Medical needs from private sector donations 

    Apart from government-to-government help, Indonesia has also accepted donations from the private sector. Luhut Pandjatian claims these donations came from formal requests and non-requests. 

    9. Rice assistance program 

    The government will distribute 11,000 tons of rice and allocate 10 kilograms for each household throughout Java and Bali during the Emergency PPKM, which will start to be distributed to families in the second week of July. 

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