Traffic Police Install More Checkpoints as Emergency PPKM to Be Extended



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • Kakorlantas Polri Inspector General Pol Istiono (center). (ANTARA/HO-NTMC Polri)

    Kakorlantas Polri Inspector General Pol Istiono (center). (ANTARA/HO-NTMC Polri)

    TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Traffic Police Corps installed more Covid-19 checkpoints ahead of the government’s plan to extend the enforcement of the emergency state of the public mobility restriction or Emergency PPKM policy.

    “There will be 998 checkpoints from originally 651 checkpoints,” said the Traffic Police Corps Head Inspector General Istiono in a written statement on Wednesday, July 14.

    Istiono hoped the addition of checkpoints would encourage people to be more disciplined in complying with the Covid-19 restriction rules. He ensured that the joint forces in the checkpoints would ask non-essential and non-critical sector employees heading to their offices to turn back.

    “Public participation is key to breaking the chain of Covid-19 transmission. People without urgent matters should just stay home,” he underlined.

    He reiterated that officers would ask people who did not present a worker registration certificate (STRP) to return home as it is mandatory for essential and critical sector employees to travel within the city.

    “Circular No. 49 of 2021 on domestic travel [during the pandemic] requires people to bring STRP. This will help to ease officers in the field,” Istiono said of Covid-19 checkpoints during the Emergency PPKM.

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