Police Grant Dr Lois Owien Parole over Controversial Covid-19 Claims



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Police granted parole for Dr. Lois Owien, who had been named suspect for spreading misinformation and hoax regarding Covid-19. 

    The doctor became a controversial figure after claiming that the Covid-19 deaths are mainly due to ‘excessive coronavirus medication.’

    The police cybercrime director, Brig. Gen. Slamet Uliandi said that Owien pledged that she would not repeat her actions and would not get rid of evidence. She also admitted that her actions disavows medical ethics.

    According to the police, Lois Owien acknowledged that her views against the Covid-19 situation in Indonesia were based on personal reason without sufficient research. 

    “The person involved agreed she would not flee. That is why I decided not to detain her, a decision coinciding with the police's concept towards fairness and precision,” the police general wrote on Tuesday, July 13. “Police prioritize preventive actions, preventing others from committing the same crime.”

    Lois Owien was apprehended by Jakarta Metro Police on July 11 at around 16:00 local times and her case was handed to the National Police Main Headquarters the following day. She faces multiple charges for her actions.

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