West Java Tourism Closed Entirely amid Emergency PPKM



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The West Java Tourism and Culture Agency on Friday announced that all tourist sites in the province populated by over 49 million people would be closed during the emergency PPKM (public activity restriction) that would take effect from July 3-20.

    Citing Antaranews, the agency underlined the collective safety over other aspects. “This is for the sake of public health, The West Java governor has voiced the urgency for it. Surely, it will affect the tourism industry but this will be coordinated immediately with the regional tourism agency to unite our vision,” said Dedi Taufik, the Head of the West Java Tourism and Culture Agency on July 2. 

    He said the emergency PPKM order that came directly from the central government must be supported by regional agencies to reduce COVID-19 transmissions that had soared in the past weeks. 

    Taufik said that the agency would hold a meeting about the closure of tourism sites in the province and prepared plans and solutions for the businesses in the affected industry. 

    “We should also find a solution for the tourism industry so they can be prepared once the tourism is opened again,” said Taufik.

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