Sulawesi OJK Warns Against the Use of Illegal Online Lenders



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • Illustration of Financial Services Authority or OJK. (Tempo/Tony Hartawan)

    Illustration of Financial Services Authority or OJK. (Tempo/Tony Hartawan)

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Head of the Financial Services Authorities (OJK) in Central Sulawesi, Gamal Abdul Kahar, warned the public that online lenders or fintech that offer their services either through short message services (SMS) or Whatsapp are indeed illegal and that it would be better for the public to disregard their offers. 

    “Offering loans through SMS or WhatsApp are indeed signs of an illegal online loan. Just ignore them and immediately erase the message,” said Kahar, Antaranews reports on June 23. “Online fintechs that obtain their permits from the OJK certainly are not allowed to offer money loans through private communication channels without the consent of the consumer.”

    His call comes after reports about online lender activities that are becoming more popular in Central Sulawesi. The OJK official encouraged people to not let themselves fall victim to the illegal practice, which can sometimes be blatant fraud. 

    “Don’t be tempted with their offers of quick loans without collateral. If you receive any of their messages offering their services, immediately erase the message and block their contact number,” he warned. 

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