Covid-19 Surge; Ministry Insists Face-to-Face Learning Option Still Available



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -  Directorate General of Early Childhood Education (PAUD), Elementary and Middle School Education, Jumeri, said the policy on face-to-face learning or PTM in schools is referred to the joint decree (SKB) of four ministers.

    The decree notes the guideline for the implementation of education during the Covid-19 pandemic, which stipulates that schools are obliged to hold on-site studies after teachers and staff have received vaccines.

    Jumeri made the statement in response to the public call for the delay of PTM in regions with the Covid-19 positivity rate at above 5 percent.

    “Schools are still obliged to provide PTM and distance learning (PTJ) options, and parents still have the right to determine whether or not their children join PTM or PTJ,” said Jumeri to Tempo today, June 22.

    However, Jumeri underlined that on-site learning is prohibited in the areas with red zone status. The Home affairs Ministerial Instruction No. 14 of 2021 also notes that students in areas with a high risk of virus transmission must undergo remote learning.

    “Education institutions located in areas that are not enforcing Micro PPKM or red zones will keep holding PTM in line with the Ministerial Decree. Regional governments can stop the limited PTM temporarily if virus cases are found there,” Jumeri added.

    The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) previously asked the central and local governments to immediately stop the face-to-face learning (PTM) trials in a number of areas with the Covid-19 positivity rate at above 5 percent. KPAI also suggested the government postpone the opening of schools in the new academic year 2021/2021 on July 12.

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