Former PSI Spokesman Reports Andi Arief for Making Online Threats



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The former spokesman for the Indonesian Solidarity Party or PSI, Dedek Prayudi or Uki, reported Andi Arief's Twitter account to the Metro Police on Tuesday, June 15. Andi, a Democrat Party politician, was reported for allegedly making threats through electronic media.

    "This is not about Uki and the owner of the AA account. This is about Democracy. Democracy must not be harmed by threats of violence," Dedek said through his personal Twitter account, @Uki23.

    Tempo asked Dedek's permission to quote the tweet, to which he said yes.

    In the police report, Twitter account @andiarief is reported for allegedly violating Article 27 Paragraph 4 in conjunction with Article 45 Paragraph 4 and/or Article 29 in conjunction with Article 45 B of the Electronics and IT (ITE) Law.

    According to Dedek, Andi Arief threatened him in two tweets. The first one said "This kid is stupid and ungrateful. Just wait, I will find out where he lives. It wouldn't be too hard. Don't blame me for choosing street justice".

    The other tweet says, "Once he becomes like Ninoy he would scream. By then it's up to him who he wants as back up."

    Dedek said that he doesn't want any other "commoner like myself gets threatened with persecution just because someone with power feels offended," the executive director at the Center for Youth and Population Research said.

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