3 Guides Toward Tolerance for Millennials



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -The President's special staffer and co-founder of Toleransi.id, Ayu Kartika Dewi, talks about tolerance and the basic models that the millennial generation should hone amidst diversity. 

    Citing Bisnis.com, Dewi argues that “The younger generation or millennials must have critical thinking to avoid being easily influenced by the wave of information that has no clear source,” she said. “They need to have empathy that can only be obtained from direct interactions with other people that are different from themselves.”

    Dewi believes the interactions must be done intentionally and continuously to drive a movement towards tolerance which would hopefully lead to a more peaceful Indonesia. She elaborates the four types of tolerances as follows:

    Appreciating diversity 

    It is the act of mutual respect without worrying the differences, or even nearly being unaware about it. They should merge and unite in the differences presented in the varying number of races, ethnic groups, eating and speaking manners. She implied that millennials can grow tolerance by letting the differences remain visible.

    Enjoying differences 

    Millennials who respect tolerance are those who are aware of differences without any hatred towards others. Instead of seeing another person’s physical differences, they would rather see the advantages and uniqueness.

    Celebrating and protecting diversity 

    Dewi believes that celebrating and protecting the diversity can be done by not demanding everyone to be equal and rather protect the differences. Millennials who claim to be tolerant would not view diversity as a strange aspect in life and not force the differences to disappear.

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