Triawan Munaf Concerns on Crowds at Shopping Centers, Hoping for No 'Covidiots'



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Garuda Indonesia president commissioner Triawan Munaf on his latest Instagram post voiced his concern on how people are underestimating the current pandemic. He presented several facts of Asian countries suffering Covid-19 case spikes attributed mainly to public negligence. 

    Munaf hopes that Indonesia would not follow a similar path, considering shopping centers have largely been packed with people ahead of the Eid celebration. 

    He also labeled the people not adhering to critical health protocols as 'covidiots' “Hopefully, there will be no more covidiots in this country. Facts from a number of countries show the seriousness of a second wave, or even, ‘covid tsunami’ caused by public negligence. Stay home as much as possible,” Munaf wrote on May 4. 

    Triawan Munaf also uploaded an amateur video of the packed crowd happening in one of Jakarta’s popular shopping centers, Thamrin City. People could be seen were pushing and shoving in front of a clothing store. 

    He then attempted to bring around the public about the grave consequences of treating the pandemic lightly. Triawan linked a news article on the devastating Covid-19 surge in India, which has dangerously fatigued the local healthcare system after the second most populated country logged 357,229 new cases within the past 24 hours.

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