10 Ways to Work from Home Better



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The pandemic has made a lot of people resort to working from home. Many are not doing very well at it, struggling to set up their schedule.

    Lifehack.org listed down at least 10 ways to maintain productivity while working from home (WFH).

    Stay in 'Office Hours' 

    Follow your office hour and time table. Working away from your bosses and colleague does not mean slacking off after all. 


    Create a consistent schedule on when to start working, take a break, and finish. Tell your colleagues when you are on a break.  

    Have a Daily Agenda Planned 

    Plan out and sort your priorities, and decide the amount of time it takes you to do them. 

    Take Breaks in Between 

    Frequent small breaks can relax your mind and body. If necessary, set alarms and reminders to tell when to chill back.

    Dress Up

    Even though we are at home, there's nothing wrong with putting on your work outfit, albeit more casual. It helps with motivating—setting you for a "work mood". 

    Create a nice separate work space

    While it is tempting to work from your bed or couch, it's better to have a small area set up specifically for work, to set the mood. 

    Limit Interactions

    During work hours, limit your interactions with the people or animals you live with to maintain focus on the job. 

    Keep Things Clean

    Clean up and tidy up your work space to prevent distraction and keep the zone comfortable. 

    Tune Up

    Music helps. Play songs or tunes that lifts your working spirits up. 


    Socialize or just stay in the loop about what's going on at work. Chat with your colleague about stuff—be it work stuff or anything. 

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