Covid-19 Task Force Says Rising Mobility at Shopping Centers is Alarming



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The National Covid-19 task force on Tuesday recorded an increase in people’s mobility especially in shopping centers amid a stricter restriction to curb Covid-19 spread.

    “In the observation from March 11 up to April 16, 2021, it is revealed that for the last 3 weeks, six provinces saw the highest increase in mobility to shopping centers. They are Aceh, Gorontalo, North Kalimantan, North Maluku, and Southeast Sulawesi,” said Covid-19 task force spokesperson Wiku Adisasmito on May 4. 

    The task force gathered this data from Google Mobility and found that the peak of people's mobility in each province took place on April 9, 2021, which is alarming. He reminded people that the country has yet escaped the pandemic, calling for people to remain vigilant in implementing health protocols. 

    “The data is an alarm to us as historically increased mobility is always followed up by increased number of cases. We surely do not want to disrupt the national Covid-19 condition that is pretty stable right now which is a result of the hard work from people and the government for the past year” he said.

    The spokesperson alluded to the euphoria of Eid celebration at the end of Ramadan that will come shortly, along with the THR payouts or Eid allowances, have contributed to this behavior. 

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