Mayor Reacts to Viral Video of Masked Man Ousted from Mosque



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Mayor of Bekasi Rahmat Effendi reacted to the viral video that showed a man being confronted and ousted by the local Al Amanah mosque management, located in Bekasi, due to the man’s decision to wear a face mask. This video garnered national attention which angered many people. 

    “We should have collective responsibility in controlling this Covid-19 pandemic,” said Rahmat Effendi on Monday, May 3. 

    The incident itself was quickly solved at the local police municipality. The mayor along with Armed Forces (TNI) and Police officials visited the mosque to confront management about the viral video. 

    “[The issue is] already clear and we expect the health protocols will be our collective understanding,” he said.

    However, this turns out not to be the first health protocol violation found in the mosque as the local Covid-19 task force received numerous reports suggesting that the mosque violated physical distancing protocols for Ramadan night prayers or tarawih. 

    The Bekasi mayor insisted that the government will remain consistent in applying health protocols to curb the spread of coronavirus in public facilities as the region saw improvements with 98 percent recovery rate.

    “There are 0.79 active cases which is well below average,” said Rahmat.