Doctor's TikTok Female-degrading Content, IDI: 'Don't Fear Medical Checkups'



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The South Jakarta Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) Chair Yadi Permana appealed for women to not fear going to medical checkups with their doctors following a controversial TikTok video by a young doctor named Kevin Samuel which many deemed degrading women. 

    “To all women in Indonesia, do not fear checking yourself to your doctor because every doctor in Indonesia is sworn to the medical oath and code of ethics,” said the South Jakarta IDI chairperson in a video statement on Thursday, April 22. 

    The South Jakarta IDI has handed category 1 and 2 sanctions for the doctor behind the TikTok content and suspended the doctor’s practice for six months. 

    The brief TikTok video shows Kevin Samuel simulating the act of examining cervical dilation before vaginal delivery. With a house music in the background, he wrote texts of a made-up conversation with a midwife asking him to check the patient while he somewhat appearing to enjoy the vaginal examination.

    The IDI Chairperson mentioned that one of the doctor's oaths is to carry out duties in an ethical manner and preserve the dignity and noble tradition of the medical profession.

    In the context of daily medical services, the IDI Chairperson explained that a male doctor will be accompanied by female nurses or midwives. 

    “Please do not worry as the South Jakarta IDI pledges to monitor and act decisively on every ethical violation committed by doctors in the South Jakarta district,” said Permana.